• Inside Hockey’s Vision

    Make sport available for everyone & take care of our planet

    #GiveAStick with Inside Hockey

    Make sport available for everyone

    At Inside Hockey we want Hockey to be accessible to everyone, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. To do our part, when you purchase an Inside Hockey stick we will gift a stick for “FREE” to someone of your choice through local schools or communities or through existing or upcoming collaborations.


    If you have your own project or you know a good cause related to communities that have less access to resources, please let us know through the contact us section.

    #PlantATree with Trees That Count & Inside Hockey

    Take care of our planet

    We're working with Trees That Count to mitigate parts of our carbon footprint over the next 50 years. By initially funding 1 native tree for every 1 stick we sell with a target of planting 200 trees in 2021. This will absorb up to 87 tones of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere over 50 years as the trees continue to grow through your purchase of an Inside Hockey Stick!


    When you purchase a stick we will #PlantATree for you. Trees That Count will email you a beautifully designed gift certificate on our behalf for doing your part for the environment.

  • Inside Hockey Stick Range

    Stick Range preview - come back to get one soon!

  • Inside Hockey Videos

    Bringing you a new technique every two weeks, including exercises and game situations! On our website the latest four techniques are shown, go to our YouTube Channel to view the entire library.

    One-handed G-turn

    Technique #1

    The ramp

    Technique #2

    2 0n 1, Give & Go

    Technique #3

    The Chop

    Technique #4

    Forehand drag into one hand

    Technique #5

    Double drag & lift

    Technique #6

    Open receive

    Technique #7

    Overhead on the move

    Technique #8

    Short handle squeeze shot

    Technique #9

    Deceptive sweep hit

    Technique #10

    Inside 2 outside receive

    Technique #11

    Jab tackle into block tackle

    Technique #12

    Receive with body roll

    Technique #13

    One-time sweep hit

    Technique #14

    3D skill over backhand

    Technique #15

    Backhand from left and right foot

    Technique #16

    Overhead receive

    Technique #17

    Forehand into backhand tackle

    Technique #18

    High ball receive

    Technique #19

    Short corner shoulder flick

    Technique #20

    Outside to inside receive with cutback

    Technique #21

  • Inside Hockey's Team

    Ronald Brouwer


    Ronald is a double Olympian, winning silver in Athens 2004, and having played an amazing 220 internationals for Holland. Through this time he has scored 82 goals, one of which in the 2004 Olympic final against Australia. He also played at 3 World Cups winning 2 Bronze medals.


    Shea McAleese


    Shea is a triple Olympian who has currently played 310* internationals for New Zealand. He has scored 33* goals, one of which was in the quarter final at the RIO 2016 Olympics where the Black Sticks eventually placed 7th. He also played at 4 World Cups and 4 Commonwealth Games.

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