• Inside Hockey’s Strategy

    Inside Hockey will bring you a new look at hockey by releasing a skill every two weeks on our website and through all our social media channels.


    During these two weeks everything we post will revolve around this skill. For example, we show game situations of how and when to use this skill and share exercises that will help you to improve it.


    We want you to be involved with our journey and make you into a better hockey player or coach. So, #Commit to the skill, #Improve it and once you #Succeed film yourself doing it. Make sure to put it on your social media channels and tag “Inside Hockey”. After every skill we will pick a WINNER who will win a RITUAL prize pack sent directly to your door.

  • Inside Hockey's Team

    Ronald Brouwer


    Ronald is a double Olympian, winning silver in Athens 2004, and having played an amazing 220 internationals for Holland. Through this time he has scored 82 goals, one of which in the 2004 Olympic final against Australia. He also played at 3 World Cups winning 2 Bronze medals.


    Shea McAleese


    Shea is a triple Olympian who has currently played 269* internationals for New Zealand. He has scored 30* goals, one of which was in the quarter final at the RIO 2016 Olympics where the Black Sticks eventually placed 7th. He also played at 3 World Cups and 3 Commonwealth Games.

  • Inside Hockey Videos

    Bringing you a new technique every two weeks, including exercises and game situations! On our website the latest four techniques are shown, go to our YouTube Channel to view the entire library.

    One-handed G-turn

    Technique #1

    The ramp

    Technique #2

    2 0n 1, Give & Go

    Technique #3

    The Chop

    Technique #4

    Forehand drag into one hand

    Technique #5

    Double drag & lift

    Technique #6

    Open receive

    Technique #7

    Overhead on the move

    Technique #8

    Short handle squeeze shot

    Technique #9

    Deceptive sweep hit

    Technique #10

    Inside 2 outside receive

    Technique #11

    Jab tackle into block tackle

    Technique #12

    Receive with body roll

    Technique #13

    One-time sweep hit

    Technique #14

    3D skill over backhand

    Technique #15

    Backhand from left and right foot

    Technique #16

    Overhead receive

    Technique #17

    Forehand into backhand tackle

    Technique #18

    High ball receive

    Technique #19

    Short corner shoulder flick

    Technique #20

    Outside to inside receive with cutback

    Technique #21

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